Trade Show and Event Marketing

You know how events can be. You’ve committed to a booth presence every year at your industry event. If you don’t go, your competition and even your customers will assume there is something wrong and lose confidence. When you do go, it’s a big expense to have your sales team hanging out in a 20×30 space talking to ‘tire-kickers’.

Some people are saying trade shows are dying… We’ll agree that they are definitely changing. It’s a tougher world these days, and every marketing dollar is scrutinized and expected to pay immediate and obvious returns. Gone are the days when hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on exhibits to¬†hopefully¬†attract unknown prospects to your brand.

What If You Start Thinking About Events Differently?

Trade shows and external events can be wonderful opportunities for B2B companies. You just need to stop thinking about them as isolated, one-time ‘events’.

Our proven event strategies not only increase your event ROI, but they bring prospective new clients through the door, before you even step one foot on the show floor!


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