We strive to get 110% client delight and reference-ability. Here’s what some of those clients (and raving fans) have to say about their experience with our company:

Jon Barrett

Julie Walker has been a driving force in the success of my business over the last year. By helping me keep focused on the most important tasks, she has played a major role in helping my company more than triple our revenue from the prior year. She is able to quickly figure out where the problems are and come up with creative solutions that will not only solve those problems but make the overall project much more successful. She is a creative genius and has an uncanny ability to take complicated processes and ideas and organize them in such a creative way that makes it very simple to follow.
I’ve worked with and learned from some of the top marketing “gurus” out there today, and Julie Walker has one of the most brilliant marketing minds of anyone I’ve ever met.
Julie and Hailstorm Marketing get my highest recommendation. If you have a chance to work with Julie or even talk to her for a few minutes – do it. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make in your business.

Amy Barnhart

Julie’s incredible marketing insights have improved my website, my marketing systems and my customer experience. She asks all the right questions to help me focus on what’s most important in my business as well as provides fantastic suggestions on specific projects. One example of this was her advice on how to promote my business at Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference in 2010. Julie helped me plan my lead generation strategies, booth plan and branding. Because of her advice, my small company had THE MOST professional presence for a booth our size at this 30,000 person conference and I got 1500 leads for my business as well as powerful networking contacts. (Don’t take my word for it, check it out at: http://strongmarriagenow.com/expert and you can see the pictures from the event.) Julie can help you on any Marketing challenge from business and marketing strategy to high quality successful execution. If you’re lucky enough to have her make your project a priority, jump on it. You and your business will be thrilled with how she can transform your results.

Cody Bramlett

Having just started my own offline and online business I was in complete disorder and completely without a plan. Thankfully I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Walker who helped me create a visual marketing plan in a short timely manner. If it was not for her help in masterminding out everything I had in my head I would not have been able to take the business where it is today. Thank you Julie and I look forward to working with you in the future!

Josh Lucier

CEO Masonic Vibration Secret
Look, here’s the deal: Julie initially sat down with me for only 30 minutes, and at the end of the session, I had a completely revamped and created a far superior product for my business. She’s insightful, very smart, and most importantly, understands marketing that actually works and gets you results. For me it was the difference between a product I could sell and one that I couldn’t. And I was out of time. She literally stepped in and saved the day. No B.S. She is worth whatever investment you make, no question.

Steve Stautzenbach

President/COO ConVisia
Julie is a superior marketer – able to work the entire stack from strategy through execution. …She undertook this range of responsibilities with tremendous tenacity and spirit. She succeeded in always having us positioned for the next phase of growth and looking larger than we actually were. Even more importantly, …Julie was highly collaborative, positive, and great fun to work with!

Travis Harrup

Social Starfish
Julie Walker has developed a one-of-a-kind system for making marketing strategies that are both highly effective and easy to understand. Her assistance has proved invaluable by enabling me to SEE exactly how my marketing funnel works, and which areas need to be corrected/improved on. Her insight and creative ideas about new marketing methods have made a tangible difference in my bottom line.

Dez Jeffrey

Senior Copywriter Extraordinaire
Julie’s a natural when it comes to marketing, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Thanks to her hard work and continued dedication, our marketing program is moving in a new direction that I believe will take our company to the next level. I sincerely enjoy working with Julie, even if I have to give in and admit she’s right sometimes.

Johnny Negretti

Chief Strategist Emerging Technologies, Verizon
I’ve worked with many creative executives though the thing that set Julie apart was that she is a great business executive as well. I remember one day she drew on a piece of paper some ideas she had for my department and how we could thrive even more. I was in awe of the great ideas she had and her sheer brilliance. I still have that paper. Working with Julie on business strategies was one of my highlights.

Don Selmon

Chief Marketing Officer, Popstar Networks
Julie has one of the most engaging and creative marketing minds that has ever been my pleasure to know and work with. She has the rare ability to create and deliver highly effective strategic marketing plans that are closely aligned with deliverable product road-map plans. Julie is a wonderful and engaging communicator and facilitator of diverse lines of thinking into a cohesive executive strategy and plan of action. I would be happy to communicate further with anyone interested in utilizing Julie’s incredible abilities!!

Peter Shaw

VP Sales & Marketing, Agilent Technologies
Julie is one of the most multi-talented people I have ever met. She has a successful engineering background complemented by all of the personal and professional communication skills, the leadership and the creative talents, of the consummate marketeer. She will succeed in anything she attempts, and I would hire her again whenever I could.

Vanessa Mitchell

Owner, Vanessa Nicole Jewels
Julie Walker has been an instrumental part of my business’s growth process.  She has incredible creative talent and is always willing to offer help when needed. One example of this was her advice on how to connect with my clients after I create their engagement ring.  She drafted a letter to my new brides that blew me away – she drafted a flawless letter.  It was perfect.  This is only one example of how Julie goes above and beyond for those she’s in business with. Her marketing strategies are top notch and you will not find anyone who works harder for her clients.

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