Vegetarian Day Sale?


Marketing Ideas - Try a Vegetarian Day SaleYesterday, as we were beginning a bright Southern California Veteran’s Day, I started to talk to my 5yo daughter about the reason she didn’t have kindergarten and the meaning of the holiday. Loudly she exclaimed, “I know I’m not going to like today!” Horrified, I wondered what she could possibly have against a day celebrating the courage and sacrifices of our service men and women?

I probed further.
“What is it about today you aren’t going to like?”

“I can’t believe I have to eat vegetables all day! It’s not fair!!” (She spat out the offending word even louder.)


Innocently she says, “Well, isn’t that what today is all about? Vegetarian’s Day?”


With tears of laughter pouring down my face, I quickly explained that it it wasn’t about vegetarians and set my funny little girl straight.

Apart from this being a ‘parenting opportunity’, this also got me thinking about marketing. (As many things do.) Marketers often advise business owners to have promotions and sales linked to an event. You’ve all seen the great Memorial Day car tent sales, and the annual Black Friday bonanzas. Thinking along these lines a Veteran’s Day Sale would be logical.

But what about a Vegetarian’s Day Sale? Or a Veterinarian’s Day Sale?

The point about marketing is to stand out from the crowd, not blend in with all the others. Sure, take advantage when someone else is driving traffic to the web or the store… but perhaps add a little something to it to make it rise above the noise.

[Note: In no way do I recommend a promotion that disrespects Veteran’s Day or any other meaningful holiday. You just need to get creative… what about a promotion in August celebrating “Sizzling Over 100 Day”?]

So think about how you can promote your business as we enter into the crazy holiday season. It’s a great opportunity to link your products and services to the season.

Happy Marketing!!

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